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  • How much does it cost to join the choir?
    Members pay a set fee for the year at the initial workshop afternoon. Fees for 2024 are $280 . As per previous years this is inclusive of anything and everything that is needed to run a choir plus concert costs.... Jenny’s time Purchase of music rights and sheet music Printing costs Hire of the weekly rehearsal hall Hire of risers and audio equipment for the concert Audio operator for the concert Purchase of sustainable glassware and other requirements for the concert to reduce our plastic use Insurance which is mandatory for a community group Membership of ANCA Any money that is leftover plus all of the monies raised via our concert and Pubsing are donated to the charity we have chosen for the year. If any member has difficulty paying they should talk confidentially to the treasurer to make an individual arrangement.
  • When and where do you rehearse?
    We start the year in March. Then it's every second Thursday until around after the July school holidays when we go weekly. There are usually three workshops during the year on a Saturday. We don't rehearse during the school holidays. *Full rehearsal schedule is on the members information page Choir members should arrive at rehearsals at 7.15pm. Warm-up commences promptly at 7.30pm We practice at the Boronia Park Uniting Church at 93 Pittwater Road
  • Who can join the choir?
    Everyone is welcome! You don't need to have to read music or have any experience. The only essential is the desire to sing and be part of a group. Due to space and logistics we do have to cap numbers so please contact the communications coordinator before joining. The earlier you get in the better!
  • How often do I need to attend rehearsals?
    Attending rehearsals shows consideration to other choir members and is a requirement of membership of the choir. Full attendance ensures that we have strong representation from each part and ensures that material learned at one rehearsal does not have to be re-taught at the next rehearsal. It is important to be confident you will be able to make most rehearsals before committing to join the choir. In particular, if you would like to sing in the concert (the culmination of all our learning!) the final three rehearsals are compulsory. Please lock these into your diary now and plan in advance for any clashes that you need to reschedule or delegate. We do understand that life does get in the way sometimes - if you are going to miss a rehearsal let your part rep and check the website for recordings of the songs you may have missed
  • How is the choir run?
    Jenny Nylund is the queen bee and we all bow in her presence....Ha - not really but Jenny is our lovely leader and does make decisions re the musical direction of the choir. We have a committee made up of long time members who help with the administration of the choir. Details of the committee are on the website for all members. Every choir member is encouraged to give feedback and ideas to the committee. Many of the members suggestions have been used to great success.
  • How strict are any rules?
    We are not an officially incorporated association but do have simple guidelines and processes to help things run smoothly. Some of them are answered in this FAQ. There are only a couple of things which are non negotiable. - We respect Jenny and each other by not talking while Jenny is teaching us or another part. - As we all stand lovely and close together, those people who are sensitive can be affected by strong scents of perfume, hair sprays etc. If we could ask for restraint on wearing perfume or other strong smelling adornments during the rehearsals and concerts that would be much appreciated
  • How often do you perform?
    We generally perform a major concert each year in November as well as other local performances such as the church elders’ luncheon & other community-focused gigs.
  • Do you raise money for charity?
    Every dollar we raise via membership or our concerts that is above what we have to spend goes directly to charity. Each year we support different causes of significance to choir members and the local community. Everyone is encouraged to nominate a charity they would like to support.
  • Can I bring family to rehearsals?
    We understand that on rare occasions you may have no choice but to bring the kids along to rehearsals. This is absolutely fine, but please bring the kids an activity as well as something to eat and drink to keep them occupied throughout the rehearsal
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